Shoulder over-development and weakness

Here’s a quick question. Over the last year my right shoulder has become extremely over-developed compared to my left shoulder (at least to me). All of my chest pressing weights have gone down or stayed the same, while all of my other exercises have gotten stronger. When I reach full stretch at the bottom of a chest pressing movement (DBs or Bar) there’s a really tight feeling and the sucker clicks. At the end of a chest routine my right shoulder is real sore, real tight, and real pumped compared to the left shoulder. I use 3 second negatives on most exercises, incorporate close-grip, incline, and flat benching with DBs or a bar. Also do dips. Some of you will probably tell me to see an ART therapist, but its costs money, which this college student doesn’t have. I’m thinking I might have some scar tissue in there, but haven’t had any known shoulder or chest injuries. Any suggestions?