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shoulder never has set in its socket right.

I’ve had a problem with my right shoulder for as long as I can remember. Lifting heavy sometimes used to hurt that shoulder, and it eventually got to the point to where I had it operated on. The surgeon just shaved some bone away so my arm fit better in its socket, because he said my arm was partially dislocated. My shoulder didn’t sit in my socket correctly before then, and after the operation. Now I’m seeing worse symmetrical imbalances. My trap is smaller on that side, and my read delt disappears into my socket whenever I do a back bicep pose. (and of course, the pain is coming back too) It’s almost like my arm is sitting in its socket a little towards the front of my body. It disturbs the piss out of me…!! even if I lay flat on my back on a hard surface, I can feel that the shoulder is elevated from the ground, and my normal shoulder fits more flat to the ground (I hope this all makes sense)… any “doctors in the house” that can give some advice ???