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Shoulder, Neck Pain from Chest


Basically I've been getting worse and worse neck and shoulder pain and whatnot to the point where I can't focus on ANYTHING because it's just so continual. My fingers are not only just "dead" feeling anymore, but it's actually gotten to the point where they have a alight burny tingle and I actually feel some pain along with the numbness/deadness.

Chiropractor's and physical therapists simply aren't helping me any. I've been seeing MULTIPLE chiro's and therapists. They say it's because my shoulders are always rounded forward and I need to bring them back and down more....which I don't disagree with.....but I feel as if it's BEYOND that.

I constantly have to use a foam roller to crack my back or put my elbow along side a wall and twist to crack everything or take my chin and push it to the side so my neck cracks and loosens up. CONSTANTLY.

I HAVE had a break through though. I just discovered it's all stemming from my chest....the bone that apparently connects to the shoulder. My chiropractor told me it's the bone Favre hurt or something this season. But seriously...all the cracking and everything STEMS from there. I can feel it.

So obviously I'm going to start doing some heavy research....but anyone have any tips or advice or ANYTHING that could help me out? I'm not used to dealing with serious injuries like this. I'm a injury newbie, in that regard.


What bone are you talking about specifically? The clavicle to the acromion process?


If you think that it takes more than rounded shoulders to cause this problem, I don't think you understand just how bad the rounded shoulder problem is. Practically every muscle in the upper body can have a non-optimal length-tension relationship.

Start by spending 20 minutes in the position shown in the pic I will try to attach. Note the rotation of the arm and the hand/thumb position. Part of the time, try to actively stretch the hands away from the shoulder. Obviously, you don't need the blocks shown in the picture; a pillow works fine.

Keep spending time in the position. You'll find benefit to just 5 minutes. And you can increase the height of the pillow your elbows rest on, in order to increase the stretch of the muscles around the shoulder.

(Attribution: the pic comes from Pete Egoscue's book Pain Free. IMO this is absolutely the best way to decompress the spinal discs and get them all in their best position, and it is amazing how many problems then get better. You'll get some thoracic extension while reducing tension from the internal rotators, pecs, and lats, as well as all the other muscles down the arm.)


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How is that exercise performed? Is the foam roller running across the shoulders or down the spine?


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Is that instead of the exercise above or as well as? Do both stretches achieve the same thing? I too have rounded shoulders (as well as lordosis/anteriior pelvic tilt) which I am hoping to sort out.

Is that Escogue book a recommended read for people with postural problems?


Don't know about the book mentioned, but a lot of Escoque's stuff always looked like chirobabble to me.


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Cheers Bushido

I'm already doing facepulls, rear delt flyes and scapualur wall slide so I'll add in prone y's and supine roll too.

I hope I'm not being too presumptious, what with me being a new guy, but could you take a look at a question I posted for you in the lordosis/tilt thread. If you could, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, no bother.


PS. It's cool that you're working with Zack Khan, I'm from Sheffield myself.


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Much appreciated, I'll go read now.

Is Zacks gym in Heeley? that's not a million miles from me, though I think I might be out of my depth in there!


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Cool, leave the sword at home though!


hey andersons, ive been trying to PM you but it doesnt seem to work it gives me an error saying that i do not have permission! But i've been reading on this forum and i saw that you have pretty good knowledge about Ulnar nerve entrapment, i was trying to ask you a few questions. I'm really suffering from this and its getting worse. I know this is probably a long shot, but if you see this can you PLEASE send me a PM or reply i really need to get in touch with you i need help THANKS!


That looks remarkably like hanging out in the bottom position of a chin up. looks like an excellent stretch.

OP sounds like he is talking about his clavicular area. Could possibly be compressed thoracic outlet. Surely if he follows typical advice (retraction and depression) it is going to cause more compression -----> more pathology?


very nice post man.