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Shoulder Mobility


I have impingement of my supraspinitus in my right shoulder (doctor diagnosed). I'm 24. As long as I don't do too much full range pressing or stick to using chains and reverse bands on bench it doesn't bother me too much (gainst bands can be hard on it). I've also done a lot to strengthen my upper back and rotator cuff via facepulls, cuban presses, etc. I've also done a lot tennis ball work on the area.

But now, I want to take it a step further. I want to improve the mobility of that shoulder. I can't overhead squat with just a bb to save my life. My shoulders just won't get into that position. I can however do a power snatch pain free (sometimes I do them to make the shoulder feel better). Cleans are different. There the worst trigger. Heavy db presses also agravates it a lot. Weighted Pull up can aggravate but a neutral or underhand grip gives me no issues.

Now the issue doesn't seem like much, but I'm only 24 and I'd like to keep the shoulder relatively healthy for many years down the road. What can I do to improve flexibility and mobility? I think I've learned pretty well what works for strengthening the rotator cuff which had gone a long way, but I think I'm going to need more. Especially as I'm approaching a 315+lb bench.


Hey man, I had that same issue. Along with some tendonitis in the front of my shoulder. My personal trainer has a shoulder balance program called the Shoulder Balance Complex that was developed by Genesis Health and Fintess. It works amazingly well. Everyone i have heard of trying it has also had amazing results. He told me that they created a website for it but its not up yet. they charged somewhere around $200 for the program in person with instructions but I dont know how much the program will be online. Ill keep you updated


This series of videos by Mike Robertson on "the keys to upper body injury prevention and strength" is outstanding.


It should be of interest to anyone with shoulder injuries or anyone looking to avoid shoulder or other upper body injuries:


That's actually a really good link, It has basically everything in once nice condensed page. Although a pain in the ass having to watch all the videos.


I saw that article like a day or two after I made this thread lol. That vid is good stuff and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for for. Thanks for the help.


Hi Guys,

Were you getting a lot of discomfort when sleeping on the shoulder and the tendonitis / rotator cuff injuries?

Any stiffness in the morning that had to be stretched out to free the area from stiffness and pain?



Sometimes. Usually doubling up on pillows helps fix the problem for me. Also getting the area warm and lose before sleeping has helped me in the past.


I also found that deep tissue massage will free up any stiffness in the muscle tissue - pressure points occur in tall parts of the body and are plentyful around the shouder area. Go and see a deep tissue massage therapist and ask them about this. They will find the area whee the pain is coming from and push their thumb into the spot for around 30 seconds at a tme relieving any tension - its a nice pain if you know what I mean?!! This helped me a lot.