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Shoulder Mobility for O-Lifts


Is my shoulder mobility good enough to start practicing the snatch and clean&jerk? If not, what can I do to make it better? And while I'm asking these questions, I have one more, how can I increase my hip mobility? I currently cannot squat ATG because I get butt wink


just overhead squat the barbell.

If you can't hold the bottom position, stretch and warm up and try again. If you can then you can start snatching and c&jing

I've recently been trying stretching using the PNF method and I'm finally seeing increases in my hamstring/hip flexibility at a decent pace.(as in, the difference on a week-by-week basis is easily noticeable)


Okay, I'll try that tomorrow!
What's the PNF method?


I'm sure there are variations but the one I read used the following

For example if you are stretching quads:

Position yourself so that you feel a decent stretch in the quad.

Slowly contract the quad(try to extend the knee) for 4 seconds, then for 6 seconds keep contracting as hard as you can. Obviously you should stay at the same position, which is hard to do unless you got something to resist your attempt to extend the knee.

Then rest for 2 seconds,

Then try to stretch the quad even further, you should be able to. Then repeat the whole thing 3-4 times.

Takes a total of roughly 1 minute for every stretch.


and doing that will make me notice a difference in weeks?
wait let me try and figure this out.. say I want to have better shoulder mobility.. would I put my forarms on a wall and try and do a tricep extension (but my arms wont be moving) to tense the tricep, then proceed and do a tricep stretch?


as long as you feel a decent stretch before you contract then it works. Its no different than a normal stretch, you just also contract the muscle at the same time, but it needs far less time both to practice and to progress.

The only difficulty is that you need to get creative to figure out ways to stay at the same position. Usually with a partner it can be done easily.