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Shoulder Ligament Injury

I have recently decided to fix my horrible lat flexibility and started daily stretching. After about the fourth day of stretching I my left shoulder became extremely weak. I couldn’t flex or abduct it properly at all. I went to the physio and he told me that I had stretched the ligaments in my shoulder and to do light scapular retractions/depressions so that the shoulder gets used to the new ROM.

I have coped it in the other arm now. If I place my hand on the opposite shoulder and bring my arm forward I can’t feel the front delt contracting at all. I can’t extend my elbows behind my body as the shoulder joints are very weak and unstable.

Anyone else had this injury or know anything that can speed up the recovery process?

I was reading over your story as I have recently found that I have lost or not had any muscles on the left back side of my shoulder… around the delt area.

I was hit by a car when I was 16, 23 years ago. More attention was payed towards my mental health (which is all good) etc caused from the car hitting me rather than my muscles etc.
The other day I was curious why when I was doing dumbbell curls I couldn’t feel my left muscles being worked. Well during the accident I dislocated my shoulder, I guess… I was told that I stood up and relocated it there on the scene, then I went into a short coma.

Anyways it seems also that I have no muscle on my delt. So did I just all of a sudden lose it?? I do pec’s with the dumbbells and for some reason all of a sudden my shoulder is sorta hurting.

So my questoin to myself is can I rebuild the muscle there or is it gone forever…??

My guess is ligament or nerve damage :S
Sounds nasty…

Not sure if you will be able to rebuild it though.