Shoulder-less Training

Hi there hoping for some help in figuring out how to train whilst not being able to use my right shoulder. Due to frequent dislocations from various contact sports (rugby, american football, kickboxing, and also doing overhead pulling) my shoulder has finally reached a point (since the last dislocation) where it is unable to be used in many movements/ranges of motion and requires surgery.

This basically restricts me to training legs on machines, front squats, bent over DB/kroc rows, and doing biceps. Chest, shoulders, and any exercises that put my arm on the wrogn angle aren’t really options.
Lately all I have been doing is low rep front squats (plateauing on 140), low rep leg presses (hurts my knees doing 500 so will probably start going higher reps not going above 300ish), low rep db rows, higher rep leg curls and extensions, and a lot of curling and abs (I actually neglected these last two for a long time). Also doing a bit of speed ladder work and occasionally short sprints.
My goal atm is fat loss while gaining strength and improving power endurance as much as I can.

If anyone has any suggestions, tips, advice as to how I can train well under this situation until I get surgery (don’t have a date yet), or similar experiences; then please share!!

Thanks for your time everyone

Pulling a sled is an option, also can the shoulder be used isometrically? If so farmers walks. Those are two full body movements that come to mind off the top of my head. I’m no injury expert, but in the spirit of helping you think of some movements I thought I could offer some advice. I’m assuming you don’t have access to a safety squat bar?