Shoulder Joints Drying Up

On week 10 of a 10 week test e cycle and lifting is becoming difficult because my shoulders are killing me. They feel dry and I can’t lower the bar as far as normal on a lot of my lifts. Any over the counter stuff to help with this? I am taking fish oil currently and adex .25 eod throughout the cycle. Also taking creatine. Thinking about dropping the adex for the last couple of weeks (no sides).

If anyone else has had this how long before they get back to normal after the cycle?

Could just be your body growing tired, I imagine you’ve been going pretty hard for the last 10 weeks. I’d take a couple of weeks to deload on your shoulder. Are you drinking enough water? You can get some joint health supps but I’ve personally never had the issue you’ve described.

Could be too much adex. Bloodwork will tell ya

Going to drop adex and drink more water. Along with taking the next shoulder workout off. I have bad shoulders to begin with and yes I think that maybe I over trained a bit. Going to take it easy for a bit which sucks because I only have a couple more weeks on to maximize gains, but that is better than a possible injury.