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Shoulder Joint Stabilization

What are some of you favorite exercises to help stabilize the shoulder joint? About three months ago i was spotting someone stunting. I had to dive under someone to keep them from hitting the floor. when i landed i landed on my elbow and separated my shoulder. About two weeks later i started developing impingement. I recieve ART therapy and it has helped tremendously. But it still feels unstable. What can i do to make it solid?

Goldberg, what did you wind up doing to restabilize the elbow?

Goldberg- Did you separate the AC joint? Rotator cuff work will aid in joint stability. Some people have a certain amount of laxity in the joint naturally so maybe you were predisposed to that type of injury. I have some degree of abnormal laxity and try to do external rotation 2xs a week. Also i do T-Y-I’s wich is just a rear delt raise straight out (forming a T horizontally) at an upward angle (forming a Y) and then straight (I). It works all the scapula stabilizers very well. ART also helps me alot.

Lots of trap and lat work has helped stablize my shoulders. The traps are a lot more important then people think.

Also use various grips when doing back.
I do a lot of my pulling with my palms up. Such as lat pulldowns, chins, and rows.

Palms down Wide grip seated rows kick ass, try a one second pause at the top.

Rotator work is overrated but I like to use a few sets in my warm up and a few sets at the end of a wokrout.
Try a bent over lataral raise, as you start to pull the bells apart stand up and turn your thumbs toward the sky and pull back.

My brother attributes his complete shoulder dislocation recovery to increasing his overhead pressing strength.

It popped out once about a month after the initial injury. The doctor told him it was just something he was going to have to live with.

It hasn’t come out since then, which is over 5 years.

Oh, and obviously, balance overaal back work relative to shoulder and chest work.

JA was right on the money:
lats (horizaontal), lower traps and rhomboids will balance against all the pressing work you do and stabilize the shoulders.

external rotation: I would try to limit hypertrophy at the cuff rotator and just work on neural strength and strength endurance as hypertrophy there can cause more damage since the space for the muscles will not grow and there will be a chance for greater impingement. this means high rep pink dumbells for you GB, and some overhead (backwards) medicine ball throws.

be well


Actually, you are all wrong about lats stabilizing the joint. You would need to work the traps and teres instead. I have had 2 separated shoulders and now my joint capsule is loose. My shoulders are a little rounded forward. Why? Because my lats and chest are too developed in relation to my traps, rhomboids and teres. Yes, my lats too. So if you want to stabilize your shoulder joint, work your delts (duh) and your traps. I have a couple of exercises that I have to do everyday to help strengthen a) my rotator cuff and b) my traps.

this was a year ago. i dont have shoulder problems anymore.

Yeah, I understand that Goldberg. I was just wondering what you did to correct it. Also, I know you used ART in the past, but was it for this problem? If so, how many times/how often did you have to go to get it corrected

Trap work buddy. If you can rip on those westside dumbell cleans. Even some of the pulling movements (o lifts) will help. don’t worry I have an article were Louie includes them as auxillary exercises.