Shoulder issues

Whenever I do OHP the back bottom of my shoulder starts bothering me… kinda the top end of the tricep. I do plenty of pullups and rows. My school trainer said I might have developed some tendonitis in my shoulder but I’ve never heard of anyone getting tendonitis in their shoulder. If anyone has any ideas as to what’s wrong or how to fix it any input would be appreciated.

Sounds like a rotator cuff problem, probably supraspinatus. Does it hurt to do resisted external rotations?

Not that I’ve noticed. It really seems to only be during OHP.

I have the same feeling in my right shoulder when I do overhead work. I had a shoulder impingement there two years ago. The impingement went away and it only bothers me slightly nowadays so I haven’t tried anything more aggressive to fix it. All I do is do a lot of shoulder dislocations beforehand or in between sets with a broomstick make sure I’m properly warmed up.

If its the back of the shoulder and feels like its by the long head of the triceps attachment its probably not your supraspinatus, more likely infraspinatus or the long head of triceps. that whole area gets a ton of abuse between lat, teres , triceps, posterior delt, infraspinatus attachments all in the area. try laying on your back and put a tennis ball up in that area, where your posterior delt, tricep and lat come together. mash the shit out of that area, and dont neglect roator cuff stability.