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Shoulder Issues

I posted this over in the Injury forum as well, but last time I posted over there looking for advice, I never got a response, so hopefully posting it here will receive more traffic from the more knowledgeable and experienced members of this site. Plus it’s related to BB-ing because it’s inhibiting me BB training…

Last week, I got fouled pretty hard in a basketball game. Dude swatted hit arms straight down across my right shoulder, and a few hours later it REALLY started hurting. I iced it, but continued to lift, while focusing on prehab work between sets, and this Monday I was good as new. Well, today, it started up again, out of no where, and this time MUCH worse.

Intially, only vertical movements hurt it, but now even horizontal does, even face pulls. It hurts to do a lateral raise motion, to stretch my arm behind my head, and hurts if I bring my arm across my chest (though it doesn’t if someone else pushes my arm across my chest). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now I’m just going to rest and ice it, and hopefully see a doctor soon, but if someone like BBB could comment on the situation, it would be of tremendous help.

Go see someone.

I like ART myself.

where on the shoulder did you get hit? anything painful to the touch?

Go see a Doctor, since it’s been hurting for over a week.

It could be (lets hope not) a rotator cuff injury.

[quote]hastalles wrote:
where on the shoulder did you get hit? anything painful to the touch?[/quote]

Just on my arm, but it ‘pulled’ my shoulder, if that makes sense.

I’ll def see a doctor here soon. It’s just strange, because I wake up this morning and feel perfectly fine in my shoulder, no pain, ect. It just comes randomly…

If he hit your arm such that it created a force pulling your arm out of its socket, then it in turn rapidly loaded your rotator cuff. Since it’s an acute injury, keep up with the ice, lay off pressing, and get to a PT. We have them provided in our student health fee, so your Uni may too.

You forgot the R from RICE…

You aren’t going to shrink by taking a week or two off irritating exercises. Injuries are HUGE exeption to “no pain no gain”

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I’m looking for a PT now, as the one at my Uni is ONLY for sports team athletes. But thanks for all the help

considering that it comes and goes I would simply rest, it seems like you’re trying to workout anyway…