Shoulder Issues

For the past few months I have had a shoulder issue. I have clicking, crunching, and dull constant pain. The pain moves around from front to back and sometimes just feels as if my scapula is too tight.

I do not have any limited movements. I can move my hand over my head no problem. It is a little tight to reach behind my back. Prior to the issue I was doing a ton of overhead pressing. Is it possible I simply need to balance the muscles by conducting more pulling exercises? I do not bench anymore or overhead press. Push ups are about the extent of my pressing for now.

I also have what appears to be upper bicep tendonitis.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
IME the issue is this:

Trigger points in the infraspinatus muscle (and possibly other RC muscles as well) have compromised the contractile strength of the rotator cuff. As a result you have translocation and reduction of the GH joint, instead of proper smooth rotation.

Get some ART on the infraspin. and/or self-release it with some foam roller work.



Thanks so much for your input. I have been worried about it being a SLAP tear after reading some other post and looking it up. I do have full range of motion. It is just that the pain seems constant. The pain seems to move around but usually in the scap and rhomboid area and then the front of my shoulder down to what I would think is the bicep tendon connection. I forgot to mention that sometimes it feels as if my lat area (just under my scap and under my arm pit) is tight or causing some of the pain as well. Is that a connection or possibly referred pain? Sorry to repeat somethings. Thanks again!!


How often should I foam roll the shoulder? And how often should I try and perform RC corrective exercises?

If possible…What exercises do you suggest?