Shoulder Issues - Has Anyone Come Back from Them

I have had some good gains this fall chest and back. My bench 1RM went from a sort-a-kinda- 205 to very solid 245.

It took about 5 months,

But - it left me with nagging pain in both shoulders - front/top areas.

I have shut down the flat bench and went to lighter DB moves, along with (please help me, gulp, “bands”).

Its keeping me going.

The rest of my lifting regime has been good - lifts are progressing nicely.

However - I cannot help but get freaked over the shoulder pain.

My chiro has me going through ART weekly with him, which makes things move a bit better, but no strength improvement.

His conclusion is that I outstripped my stabilizing muscles with my tris, pecs and delts.

His advise - do some support exercises and give it time.

My question is how much time till I can 1RM 245 again.

I cannot get 225 up for 2 reps before the pain is too much.

SO close but so far - bench had been lagging behind all my other lifts so I finally started to feel good about the gains, then WACK!

Oh well

This is the best advice I can give. Heal it right or pay the price!

It’s an “if or a maybe”, if you don’t heal it right, maybe it never will. Then the “Haunting will begin”

I like ART BUT eff the chiro and go see a doctor. Take like xrays and stuff.

I wasted a LOT of time and I finally went to go see a real doc. Glad I did.

I would also read everything by Eric Cressey and not have a shoulder day, just do the exercises he lists.