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Shoulder Issues from Bench or OH Press?


i did something minor to my shoulder. it kind of popped a while back when someone kind of gave me a goofy handoff on a heavy incline BB bench. it killed when it happened. but after about a week there was no pain. BUT, now, a month and a half later, when i do overhead press of any kind, or incline db, it just cracks and cracks. no pain, but this cannot be healthy. i cant afford to just drop ohp and inlcine/flat bench, my upper body lacks the most.


Warm up a lot? My overhead stuff kills my right shoulder if I don't do a lot of warmup with just the bar. Check out some of the articles by Eric Cressey. He's written a few things on shoulder rehab.


Probably best to see a doctor and get X-rays. We are just a bunch of guys on the internet.


leaftye... vortex?? today i did push press and i warmed up a bit more than usaul. i think it helped. i didnt have as big of an issue.

on a side note, i do need to get a check up. its been a while.


Yep, vortex. I thought I recognized you. You probably should get checked up if you can afford to. Of course finding the time and money to visit the doctor may be an issue, so here's one of the Cressey articles I was talking about.


I've also been trying to get a shoulder feeling normal again.


And if just the bar hurts as well?


right on. i checked out that Cressey article. glad to see some good movements besides cable face pulls, cuz im working out at home for now. good stuff, im definetly going to keep up on that pushup variation, and db movement.


well i kinda wanted to hold off on the doctor, considering im not insured at the moment.
i changed my routine up a bit to benefit my shoulder. i think this will nurse it back to health. im backing off heavy bench for a while, and heavy pushpress. to take care of upper body push moves, i now have a day like this--
pushpress 4x8
flat bench 3x10
single DB OHP 3x10
sometimes i throw in something else at the end if im up to it.

none of this seems to be bothering the shoulder at this point, so we'll see how this goes for a while