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Shoulder Issues and Squatting

I’ve been given the OK to get back into weightlifting after a shoulder injury, but I find it extremely uncomfortable to squat. Its just so hard to get my shoulder in that range to squat. Any way I can make this work?

Front squat, or place your hands further out on the bar when you back squat.

front squat, or some other squat. Otherwise it’s not worth the risk, you’ll be better off building range in your shoulder until it’s mobile enough to squat.

safety squat bar

I also do chest and shoulders on days after I squat. If my shoulder or chest are tight from a previous workout its hard for me to back squat.

Has the person who okayed you given you shoulder mobility and rehabilitation exercises to do?

There are several very excellent articles on fixing this sort of problem on T-Nation. Do an author search on Mike Robertson.

I’m getting better, but I’m sticking to front-squats until my physio gives me the all-clear. My guess is I’ll be stronger when I return to back squats, maybe just a couple of sessions to get back into the groove.