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Shoulder Issue, Changing my Whole Game Plan

Hello, so I’m suffering with impingment everytime I do OHP and it hurts alot for a few days even when doing heavy moderate side Laterals and Front Raises are a no go,

So I’ve seen an ortho and therapist and they said from the xray I have a type 3 acronium which has been forcefully developed and also I’ll be prone to further impingment when doing heavy direct shoulder work, they mentioned surgery but they advised against it as there is a high risk that I wont be able to lift again. so they suggested concentrating on longevity now such as circuits, light weights and mobility

Now this is where I come into a problem my workout is also missing legs due to arthritis and swollen knee which I can barely walk on, (going through therapy and physio) so cant so direct Leg work

So only thing I can do is a Pull Push Pull concentrating on the 2:1 ratio, however my push workout is what I need help with, is the shoulder Shocker enough for the shoulder as a standalone shoulder workout?

And also is there any good workouts that are good for shoulder health, I currently so internal and external Rotations but I’m meaning things like

10x Cuban press
10x Facepulls
10x Rear Delt flyes
Repeat 5 times

Things like that, as I’m doing Mobility already with Dislocations etc

Really need help guys as I cant do traditional shoulder workouts no more :frowning:

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Have you tried high incline presses?
You don’t have to press directly overhead to build the delts. Close grip seated rows also.

If your shoulders are impinging, you need more upper back and rear delts. Build a more stable foundation. Something like you have outlined above would be pretty good. 1 or 2 upper back moves (Cuban rotations, Y-Raises, face pulls, shrugs on an incline bench) and 1 or 2 rear delt moves (rear felt flies, rear felt swings, rear felt extensions on a cable). Really learn how to contract and squeeze the muscles back there. Shrug and squeeze and tilt your scapula. Avoid pain, progress slowly.

Once your shoulders are more stable and you can control your scapula, move to Phase 2 and add 1 side delt exercises. Side delt raises with dumbbells or on a cable worked for me. You may have to stare at your shoulder in the mirror or put your off hand on your middle delt to make sure it’s working. Low weights, maybe even short ROM at first, until you can make that side raise motion pain free. Don’t allow the front delt to take over and roll forward. Avoid pain, progress slowly. Continue to progress upper back and rear delts while you learn to use side delts.

After that, add in the Bradford Press with super light weights, like a broom stick at first. This silly move can help you rebuild the pressing motion, but with an emphasis on side delts. Progress slowly. Learn to get the stick to your collar bones without allowing front delts to completely take over.

If you make it that far you should be ready to overhead press the 15 pound dumbbells next year.

Here’s a picture of the muscles that hold your scapula

2 upper back motions


Rear delt swings to rear

To the side

Future Bradford Press.

More info on scaps and upper back.

Article about training shoulders without free weights

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Look up “throwers 10” they are exercice for throwers to strengthen the shoulder girdle area. I had some pain in this area due to swimming and that helped.

Also that stretch:

If you do it properly it is pretty intense, especially the one where you hold the chair.

After a few days of doing this 3 times a day I felt much better. I also found that stretching my biceps was helping.

Good luck, I hope this can be helpful.

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Thankyou very much, that’s great, so from your information I’ve come up with a circuit, I’m not interested in increasing weight I just want to build mobile and flexible shoulders to aid other lifts so it would be for Rehab from the stress of the other heavy compounds, would this be a good idea for longevity such as this?

Little weight
10x Cuban Rotations
10x Facepulls
10x Rear Delt Flyes
10x Bradford Press
10x Shrugs
10x Y-Raises
Repeat 3-5 times

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Sure man, that looks OK. Give it a shot! Go slow so you don’t cheat the moves, and try to be symmetrical and even with both sides working the same way.