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Shoulder Issue, 'Bump' on Collarbone

I have had shoulder issues for a while now, I have been working through them and making progress. I am able to lift and go about my daily business but I always have pain. No loss of strength though. It has lessened to some degree lately but I now have a ‘bump’ on my collar bone almost at the very end, close to where the clavicular and medial part of the delt meet. (I hope that makes sense??) I did not do anything specific that caused it, I noticed it after a weekend where I completed an obstacle course so I might have done something during that, but I can’t pinpoint a specific cause.

My MD usually tells me that I do too much so I really don’t want to go see him. I have been to chiropractors and physiotherapists before and trust them, but I am wondering if anyone has advice for who I should go see about an issue like this?? I am really tired of the pain, and when I take a week or two off it actually feels worse… Do I go see the doctor first or try physio or chiro???


Did you fall and land on your shoulder?
Sounds like a partial ac separation. I flipped a mountain bike and completely separated my right side years ago.
Basically, the ligament that holds the end of the collarbone down tears. My right shoulder hangs about an inch lower than the left does now. I have lots of weird pec/shoulder/bicep tendon issues now.
Needs an xray.

Thanks for the response, I did not fall so that is why I am a bit hesitant to head to the doctor… but maybe it will be the wise choice…

In your case what was done? Do yu just have to rest until it completely heals ?

Thanks this is potentially what I am dealing with, I guess a trip to the doctor’s office is in my future…

I still have a complete separation. It happened in 2001. If I had to do it over, I would have got it re-attached.
In the beginning, it was about a month before I could do a single pushup. Now, my left side a bit stronger than my dominant right.
Mine was horribly painful when it happened.
It’s caused all types of problems for me as far as lifting, sleeping, riding in a car, etc.