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shoulder is involved during EZ bar curling

Hi guys,

When I curl using EZ bar, my shoulder fails before my bicep do. Is EZ bar curl supposed to work your shoulder too?

Ah, no.

You’re either using too much weight or using WAY too much momentum. Do your best to keep your elbows PINNED to your sides through the whole range of motion. Biomechanically, your elbows might move forward an inch or two when you hit peak contraction.

Another reason could be that your shoulders are a lagging body part. Specifically, your anterior (front) head of your delt. Your biceps could be more advanced and developed compared to your shoulders. Incorporate front raises to strengthen them, and do all your pressing movements to the front. Good luck.

Try preacher curls with the e-z bar and see if the problem persists. It probably will be solved as the preacher bench takes the stress off the shoulders.

loop your theroy is wrong about the preacher curl and shoulders. in actually, if you are using bad form on a standing e-z bar curl. you’ll use worst form on the prearcher. think about it you shoulders are hanging over on a preacher there for using more anterior delts. the best way to elveate the problem is to stand with your shoulder blades against the wall and elbows back and start curling that way.

In health,

Silas C.

i wouldn’t say his theory is wrong, as the preacher bench immobilizes the arms, which is likely the problem point when shoulders are recruited into curls too much. Therefore limiting the upper arm movement would give less shoulder involvement.

I like curling with my back leaning against an upright object, right between my shoulder blades. For ex the edge of a machine or the corner of a power rack. Makes it easier to cock the shoulders back and really contract the lats while the bis have to do all the work. No cheating in that postition

I’ve got a better idea…curl with a straight bar.

I’m not using any momentum… that’s for sure.

I’ll try the suggestion: shoulder blades on the wall. Thanks… :slight_smile:

I had the same problem when I was premature to bodybuilding but I was fortunate enough to talk to a personal trainer and he told me to strenghten my front delts. They were obviously weak because when I did the problem went away.