Shoulder Irregularity

i’m not really sure how to explain what this problem is but i’m hoping someone will recognize what i’m talking about. within the past few months i’ve noticed what i guess i’d call a different feeling between my shoulders. my left shoulder, and arm i guess, feel very solid and in place with regards to i guess the joint connecting it to my torso.

however i feel like my right shoulder has a lot more mobility and can be moved around a lot more and it also feels like it slunks down more. this might sound retarded but i noticed a problem with it yesterday while doing incline DB press. i was using a relatively heavy weight for myself so while trying to get the dumbells up for the first rep my left arm was sending the weight straight up while my right arm was kind of wobbling a lot under the weight and i felt like i had to really stabilize my shoulder.

if i haven’t explained this well enough someone please ask me to clarify otherwise i hope someone knows what the fuck this is.

There are a number of posibilities here and the only way to know for sure would be to see a medical professional (Physical Therapist or Chiropractor).

I have heard of some individuals who have a torn labrum having problems with shoulder stability, but that would just be a guess and there is no way to know without MRI. It could also simply be a muscular imbalance due to bad posture, technique, etc.

If you have medical benefits I would see a doctor and correct it before the problem escalates into something worse.