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Shoulder Internal Rotation Issues

By a doctor, I was told I have a impingement of my supraspinitus.

I found out from the diagnostic tests in the video that I have severe internal rotation mobility deficit on both sides but more so my right shoulder which is the one that gives me the most shit.

I do those stretches and whatnot along with scapular depression exercises (mostly wall scaps and behind the neck band pull downs and prone Y cobras) and my shoulder starts feeling a lot better. Also, stretching my pecs and lats help.

With the scapular depression exercises, I have to be very careful to maintain near perfect form or I get major clicking in my right shoulder and mild discomfort to mild pain when it clicks (if I put my finger on the spot that clicks, I can feel something bulge out real quickly in the area between my medial and posterior delt). But I feel better once I do them.

The thing he did with the lacrose ball on the edge of his scap while internally rotating his arm for a couple or so minutes was completely brutal when I found the right spot. It gave me the kind of discomfort that made me involuntarily shiver and whimper lol, but afterwards I felt a lot better than before I did that. I’ve done it before but never for so much time.

Also, taking lots of vitamin I, fish oil, and glucosamine/msm helps a bit.

Heavy overhead pressing gives me problems. Full ROM db pressing gives me problems. Any kind of clean will give me issues (snatches are fine). If I miss the groove on my bb bench press I can run into trouble but no discomfort at all if I stay in the groove.

Controlled cable rows with a hard squeeze at the end help. As mentioned before, scap depression exercises seems to help. Face pulls help some. Band pull aparts don’t hurt or help. Supinated chinups help a little but pronated can aggravate it. Overhead squats seems to help it more than anything.

I’m going to try double supinated deads tomorrow and see what that does. The reason I want to try them is because when I did some rdl’s with the opposite mixed grip of what I usually do, I struggle to keep the bar even so I’m thinking never switching up my grip on deads might have something to do with my shoulder troubles.

Does this sound right? Does anyone have further suggestions?