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Shoulder Interal ROM Deficit/Weakness?

Hi! This might seem like a lot of text, but please ber with me :smiley:

Been having right shoulder problems for a while now, maybe 7 months in a row.
I tried some professional help, but I was mainly told just to stretch my pecs etc.
But ive been doing my own research for some time now as I like to be able to fix my own body trough increasing my knowledge ï?? I successfully cured a problematic lower back trough figuring out that I had to activate and strengthen my pelvis and glute muscles. But this was a rather quick fix that helped fast, with the shoulder it does not seem to go so fast.

It seems to be so complicated with the shoulder so I thought Id reach out for a little help in case anybody has experience or info that could help me.
My own diagnostics are as follows:

  • Pain during benchpress. Feels like the glenohumeral head is moving. Helps somewhat to lower the weight drastically and really focus on getting the scapulas back and down. But ive basically stopped doing them. Trying to do pushups instead in hope of increased stability.
  • My right shoulder looks a bit lower then my left.
  • Deficit in internal rotator ROM of the right shoulder and feels painfull when I do this test/exercise/stretch to stretch the external rotators.
  • Donâ??t really know weither to strengthen internal rotator or external or both.
  • Had some ok pain improvement from getting my strength up in the scapula function of holding them back and down. Focused on doing this all the time and it helped somewhat. Guessing that my shoulder problems have several couses.
  • I often end up sleeping with my arms over my head and this seem to make my shoulder sore when I wake up. Also I spend quite some time with a computer and school work.

My guess in summary is that

  1. I have/had scapulae that had drifted outwards, but that has improved now.
  2. I have weak upward rotators of the scapulae.
  3. There is the high internal ROM deficit in my shoulder which lead me to believe that the subscapularis is weak/deactivated or something and cannot stabilize the anterior part of the shoulder properly which leads to forward drifting of the glenohumeral head during pressing.

But, from this I donâ??t really know how to make it all into a plan. So far I have been trying to improve my posture and remember to keep by shoulderblades together so they donâ??t drift, ive been doing the diesel crew shoulder warmup which basically is YTWL with some extra stuff. Also I have been trying to do more scapula pushups / pushups plus for upward rotator aswell as narrow grip pushups. Facepulls and external rotation exercise have been included lately. Just a couple of days ago I stumbled upon the internal rotations things and started doing some prone internal rotations.
Lately ive even trown in some of Dave Tates band tracktion work.

Any suggestions regarding my â??self diagnosisâ?? and treatment? The only pushing movements ive been doing lately is one armed shoulder presses and pushups. For the rest of the body I train normally. I really hope for some answers because im struggeling to take this further. This is really frustrating for me as I am trying to compete as a strongman. Btw, I have never been particluary strong in benchpressing (max i think is 264 pounds, but now has fallen to prob around 200-220 pounds) but my deadlift is quite ok (484 pounds). This is all the info i could think of :slight_smile: Hope someone can help me :smiley:

Also want to mention that often stretching my neck to the opposite side of the shoulder feels like relieving the pain momentarily :s

I think what your doing for your shoulder is pretty goood. Keep doing the scapular pushups, the external rotator work. Always set your blades like you mentioned when you lift.

How is your flexibility and upper body mobility? You haven’t mentioned much of that. You’ll need a camera if you can’t get a partner to help you accurately assess.

Internal rotation defecit doesn’t always cause problems, as long as the total amount of rotation on each shoulder is the same.

Looking at how you injured it may help.