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Shoulder Instability

I have been diagnosed with multi-angular instability in my shoulder (gleno-humeral joint). This has been a huge prob;em because every time I begin to make progress in the gym I suffer a big setback when my shoulder dislocates. I really feel alot like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon! Anyway, the Sports Medicine physician who diagnosed me said this could be cleared up easily with a physical therapy protacol stressing the external rotators, but the therapist I end up going to is, to put it mildly, a boob. He doesn’t seem to know how to treat this instability, instead putting me on a general shoulder rehab program stressing internal rotators. Does anyone know the exercise protocol and sets/reps I need to correct this instability? I have a definite Internal rotator imbalance in relation to the external rotators, ( This is undoubtedly a problem!) Thanks for your help!

Poliquins routine of one set of external rotation for every set of internal rotation. He recommended a set of internal rotation movements(bench press for example) supersetted with an external rotation movement. I think if it can be simply corrected by doing an external rotation emphasis regime then first off include external rotation first in your lat and chest workouts. The total volume would probably be better if it was more than the total volume of the internal rotation movements. ORRRRRRR Contact Paul Chek. My favourite genius.


I can send some literature if you post a fax number or address were to send an article. The answer would be to long to post now. a few points now. Absolutely no benchs, incline, presses, and dips now. That means none. With instability, it’s a long road until they are tolerated. That means at least one month, probably longer. you’ll also need some good ART done on your condition.
To be honest, with the kind of instability you desribe you’ll always have to treat this with kid gloves, even post rehab.

Irondoc- That would be wonderful, if you could send me some literature. Thank you so much. I am currently in Pharmacy school so you can send it to my campus address:


Thanks very much!