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Shoulder Instability. Bicep Tendon/Shoulder Sliding


Does anyone else here get anything similar? For example, I think it is the bicep tendon anyway in my upper arm is sliding over sometimes - both shoulders sometimes feel a bit unstable - like they are sliding!? It never happens when I am warmed up, but any advice would be good - it is not painful and I have full ROM, but I would be interested to see if any other people have this?




I got shoulder instability on the right side, yet my biceps is fine. On the same side, though my Triceps tendon slides, causing a numb feeling in the lower part of my hand at times. Is that what you mean?

Guess I'll discuss this with a lifting-friendly orthopedist in the summer...



This was the same exact sensation I was feeling in my left shoulder. It eventually got worse, to the point where surgery was required. I ended up with multi-directional instability, and my shoulder began subluxating. Anyway, go see an othro and get an MRI. I had surgery 2 years ago, still hurts sometimes. The procedure was a bankhart repair, rotator interval closure, and an anterior capsular shift. After surgery my external rotation was reduced to 40 degress and I couldn't raise my arm higher than my belly bottom.

I did PT for 6 months before the surgery, and another year after to get about 95% of my ROM back. Fun Stuff. The lesson here is don't F around with shoulders. Best part is my right shoulder is beginning to do the same and I don;t know why. I don't even work chest and shoulders shoulder anymore. Maybe once every 2 weeks if I feel ambitious.


I really hope that's not what I have then lol. Umm, I've never had any pain with it, and it's been going on now for around 7 to 8 months.


How/why does that shoulder instability/tendon sliding(?)-thing develop?

Am I glad that my shoulders are healthy still...

Hope you'll be ok, OP.


In my case, it was a combination of scapular instability, weak upper back, and way way too much pressing. I was young and dumb and benching 2-3x a week with horrendous form. I could feel the tendon slipping sensation most on on flyes and the bottom or BB bench. By the time the pain started was I dropping the benching down to 1x week, bringing the back work up, and complaining to my Dr who said it was bicepital tendinitis, then a labral tear, then rotator cuff tear, then slap tear...all without an MRI.

I finally said F it and went to an ortho, got an arthorgram/MRI 2 weeks later and the dye they injected all pooled in the stretched part of shoulder capsule. PT for 6 months, no improvement, surgery 2 months later, 6 weeks in a sling, 6 months PT, 6 more months PT at home with bands and broom sticks and light gym workouts.

My bench went from 300 to 135 and never really improved. My form is much much better but it still feels like my shoulder is being stretched.
Squating kills my shoulder (flexibility wise), but I was back to 315 in a few months
Front squats are not really a problem.
Deadlift went from 400 to 45, within 3 months 275 after a year 395.

I'm hesitant to really push the bench and DL for fear of re-injury, the mental part is much harder to overcome than the physical.

/hijack sorry for the long post.


Oh and I was playing hockey at the time so I'm sure the slap shots and hits into the boards were not really helping much situation much.


Damn. I hope that you won't re-injure yourself.

I've always been paranoid about injuries and don't do more exercises/work(frequency than I have to, made sure everything is relatively balanced and just focused on progression... Guess that has paid off in my case.

Anyway, thanks for answering and good luck with your training and avoiding injury.


Thanks everyone. Taking on board your advice, i'm limiting the pushing movements before it's too late and upping the pulling movements. I am going to be doing not just rear delt rows, but also lat pull downs, pull ups for back/rear delts.

No shoulder presses (stopped them ages ago anyway), and rather than flat BB bench I am taking up weighted push ups (3 seconds on downwards phase and 2 on upwards) using either plates, a backpack or a vest! I will then do some light DB presses after the push ups to tire the chest on a light weight - say 30kg DB's as opposed to 40kg. Hopefully, after a while a balance will come about.

In the meantime I am going to become shredded and go for 8-10% bf.