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Shoulder Injury


Hey guys this is my first time posting, but I've been reading T-Nation for a couple years and using several of the techniques and programs. I've run into a problem with a shoulder injury that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I was gaining stregnth very quickly and all of the sudden my shoulder started hurting one night. not sure how i did it but its been hurt for about 2 weeks, i took last week completely off and went back today to see if the pain was still there and it was.

It does not hurt at all when I move it around, I have full range of motion. The pain only comes when I am doing any kind of chest excercise even pushups. Its like deep inside and located toward the front of my shoulder and about middle ways across. It even hurts doing flyes which has me confused. Anyone have any ideas on what I should try? Should i just avoid chest and shoulders for another week or two and do legs and cardio or what? Any advice is greatly appreciated in advance.



I understand what type of pain you may be feeling. I've become damn near an expert on the shoulder since i've had 4 shoulder surgeries for recurring instability leading to dislocations.

In your situation I would figure out what motions/exercises casuses the pain to flare up and in the mean-time I'd take it easy (me speaking from experience). It's possible you've just strained a part of your shoulder, but it also sounds possible you could have done something to the labrum (because of the location you said the pain is in). If it doesn't get better after 2+ weeks of taking it easy, I would see a doctor atleast. I say this because you don't want a possible small problem to create a large long-term problem. Just my 2 cents man. Take care.



I had the same issue a few months before christmas. My fault I must admit, I hit my shoulder too hard with not enough rest and before I knew it I got a pain in the same exact spot as you did. I took one week off and then started again avoiding barbell bench press and tricep cable pressdowns (which cained more than the bench press). I could still do tricep cable pressdowns but i'd have to face away from the cable and push at a slight angle (i.e. not straight down)..
Basically, I avoided the two exercises which hurt and avoided training shoulders directly for about 2 months and the pain is now gone and I'm training as normal. Search for some shoulder rehabilitation/recovery speeding up techniques on here and use them.

The main thing to note is that you must have either hit your shoulders too hard or have an imbalance of some sort. If it's the latter than fix it (use the search and find some shoulder imbalance fixing routine, there is one by CW and AC which is good), if it's the former then learn not to over do shoulders..


Interesting; see my post "what kind of injury........" Not quite sure which "injury" I'd rather have. I'll be watching yours to see the feedback you get.


yea, take it from me get that shit checked out. i have had that prob for a couple of YEARS now. i never had it checked and have been working through the pain(as much as i can), finally i am going to break down and go see the doc. on the third. that injury makes it very hard to press anything. it has been effecting my lifting for a while, and i have gotten fed up. i will keep you all updated on the doc's. diagnosis. i am hoping it's not a worst case scenario. crappy. oh well it's my fault for not taking care of it. i made my bed and all.


This very problem has been discussed many times here. Your bench ability exceeds your shoulders capacity. You've neglected your shoulder development for a bigger chest, and this imbalance has resulted in injury. I know, I've been there, and still get strains from time to time.

What I did: I got rid of the barbell. Completely. I had to bite the bullet and go (light) dumbbell. That way, I was able to control the point at which the pain started (weight-wise) and not exceed it. Then build on it. Also, do some light warm-up shoulder work before chest... rotating dumbbell action. Anyway, now I'm throwing up 120's 5x5 on flat and 115 5x5 on incline. That's not bad in my book. Use the serch engine here and look for shoulder injury/rehab. Good luck


Ya i believe that pretty much sums up my problem. My bench has exceded my shoulders. even though i havent been using anything but dumbells for about the last month, i had managed to go up 5 to 10 pounds each week for the same reps until this happened. I realize now that i neglected my shoulders severly and I am going to try to start rehabing them. I understand what you meant about using a weight to control the pain because mine doesnt even bother me until I get to a certain weight. Thanks everyone for your advice and I'll keep you all posted.


I'm going through the exact same thing right now. I know for sure I have some major imbalances though since I have really bad internal rotation, and my arms are also not growing compared to the rest of my body. So I'm taking a break from the bench and start Don Alessi's Booming
Biceps program. It's supposed to help address imblances in the shoulders and scapula.


Ok the pain seems to only be on pressing movements when my hands are out wide as in a regular bench, because today I did close grip for triceps and experienced no pain whatsoever with my normal workout weight. this same weight caused pain when doin regular bench presses.