Shoulder Injury

A week and a half ago I pulled my left shoulder at the archery range. This is my first shoulder injury ever. I’ve been playing it safe, I stopped all training immediately except for legs in an effort to let it heal. Well, it still hurts slightly and is kinda depressing me. My diet is out the window and training seems out of the question. How long is this gonna take to heal? I don’t know if I can take this much longer. I’ve been taking anti-imflammetories (sp?) and muscle relaxers, tons of tiger balm and using a heat pad at night.

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i had bad shoulder injury not to long ago went to the chiropractor and found most shoulder injuries are due to overtraining chest and not enough back or vice versa and shoulder is not secure in socket. Also even hardcore powerlifters still may have weak rotator cuffs if they do not train it. At first i used rotator cuff exercises to rehab and noticed they increased my ME bench lifts as well.