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shoulder injury


I've been out with a shoulder injury for 3 weeks now.

Went to doc the day after i got hurt and he said it was a slight strain and to lay off a week. X-ray's were negative

Went back to him today and he said he doesn't know and is scheduling an MRI for me.

Anyone have a partial rotator cuff tear? Basically, it's healed up to the point where it doesn't hurt if i move it around in cirlces or up and down.

However, it hurts when i put my elbows back during bottom of pushups andpresses (no weights, just ****in around at home tryin to see if it still hurts)

anyone have anything similar?


ils_kupcha, I've had two partially detached rotator cuff muscles and had to have surgery to resect (reattach) them. It hurt to sleep on my shoulder; couldn't sleep on my left side, and I was not able to do bench press type movements.

The MRI was able to determine that I had impingement syndrome, but was not able to detect that I had partially detached RC muscles.

Before you have surgery, get an assessment by a good physical therapist. I'm rehabbing my other shoulder (impingement syndrome). Surgery on this shoulder will not be necessary. I'm getting good results quickly and am pain free.


yeah i have something similiar. basically my left shoulder hurts during certain exercises. such as incline bench and on ocassion seated rows.

what has helped me is light high rep rotator cuff training prior to lifting, as well as static stretching in all directions.

the problem isnt gone but it is a lot better.