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Shoulder Injury

I’ll make it fast:

  • Injured left shoulder 2 years ago, with heavy one arm dumbbell rows.

  • Pain is sharp, but mild, only during certain movements.

  • It never got better or worse. Warm up, heated patch, massages and ice packs never helped.

  • The movements where I feel it the most are: Push ups and Bench, some Rows, lateral PUSHING (pushing anything that is to my left side)

  • Shoulder heavy exercises where I nearly don’t feel it: Overhead Press - it even eases the pain. Any variation of lat pulls (but it does feel tighter).

  • Pain originates in the middle of my mid delt, and goes in a straight line down between my bicep and tricep, ends before forearm.

  • Even tho it never got worse, I started having muscle imbalances because of it, so I am concerned.

I will see a professional asap, of course.

Thank you.