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Shoulder Injury

I don’t know if this is the right section to place this but here it goes.

I started lifting again in August after a two year layoff. During that layoff I had a seizure and disloacted my shoulder. I was unable to get it looked at by an ortho until a month ago and got the results back yesterday. My labrum is badly torn and there’s an issue with a chunk of my bone being broke off. The last 4 months I’ve worked SO hard trying to get back to where I was and I’ve put on 18lbs even with the injury.

I’m very proud of the bulk I’ve put on my legs, chest, and back. The ortho said I need to have the surgery. I feel completely derailed right now and need help getting through this losing as little muscle as possible. Surgery is set as soon as finals are over in Dec.

Until then do I stay with the bulking diet and do whatever my body allows me to do in the gym? Or do I stop it all and wait till it’s fixed. I’m really scared of losing what I’ve worked so hard for and have no expierence dealing with injuries.

It’s a sad day for me fellas. Luckily today is leg day and I get to vent my frustrations in the squat rack. Do you guys have an insight on dealing with this?

Definitely keep training for now, doing whatever you can do pain-free. The better condition you’re in, the faster you can heal from surgery. Training boosts your immune system, etc. It doesn’t make sense to stop training altogether… if you stop training, when you do come back to the gym post-surgery, you’ll be in an even deeper hole.

Also, I believe I read an article here on T-Mag about how guys who were in a cast would train the unbroken limb, and when the cast came off they would be further ahead in their rehab (on the injured limb) than the guys who didn’t train at all. Their rehab was faster and better, even though the injured area was immobilized. This indicates (to me anyway) that there is a total-body effect from training that will benefit you, including areas that aren’t directly trained (I may be interpreting that study incorrectly). Even if you can’t train some movements now (or post surgery) there is a lot you can do in the gym to position yourself so you can bounce back from surgery as fast as possible. Keep training, December will be here in the blink of an eye.

Dont be frustated and unnecessarily increase cortisone level…stop all over head activity deadlifts and bench press.
Use more machines and undergo a surgery without any fear you will be fine it is just a matter of time.

Well here is my question to the members of this forum.
Had a global labral tear in my shoulder.I am nine months post op now and i am doing good.
However,i still cant lift heavy with the repaired arm.
Please share your experience if you had a shoulder surgery and how did you heal up.
Take Care.

Thanks fellas. I really appreciate your input on it.