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Shoulder Injury

Now i know many people before me have been roasted for asking for medical advice on this forum but i thought id try anyways.

Ive been having problems with my left shoulder for a few years. It doesn’t affect me in my day to day life but when i am in the gym i only notice it primarily while doing flat bench. I went to a chiropractor a few years back and he told me my shoulder was all compacted from sports, and that was the problem but he had no idea how long it would take to fix it.

He worked on it for several weeks and it would feel better, have better range of movement and everything right afterward but go back to normal the next day.

However ive recently gone back to the gym after a hiatus, and I think ive worsened the injury. It hurts on the outside of my shoulder and it only gives me the stabbing pain if i move my arm backwards (on an angle as if walking) not forwards, or laterally(however it is stiff). Im not sure if i should go back to the chiropractor for this or see a GP, any advice on what it might be, who to see, or possible rehab?

Just a quick note the pain is now always there depending how i move my arm (no pain if i am just relaxing, stabbing pain if i move it the wrong way)

if you can, get an MRI to see what kind of damage it is.

I was talking to a physical therapist and they’ve actually seen someone who had a complete separation in part of their rotator cuff, but because of all the strength training, the surrounding muscles were compensating for it.

if you can’t get an MRI there’s always ice and ibuprofen…

Yea its been nagging for years, but like i said its only affected me in the gym. And an MRI wont be the speediest thing thats for sure.


Love the avatar everytime I see it my eyes lock on and I can’t look away… Stares…

What was thread about? Oh yeah sorry about the shoulder man, hope you get an MRI. Just be patient.

So i take it i should see a GP see if theyll refer me / schedule an MRI?

I have shoulder problems as well, not sure if they are the same but a good bit of warm up and some streatching helps me out. I’m sure you’ve tried these things already but if not it cannot hurt. Some foam rolling or tennis ball in that are to loosen things up, a few masages might help as well. Good luck.

Yeah - as dday says some tennis ball action may help but get it checked out properly first or you may do more damage.

Ever thought of a Test/Deca cycle?

Try doing some scap work. Alot of times, shoulder pain isn’t necessarily because something is wrong in the joint itself. If you get anterior pain, it may be because you scapula is oriented in a way that narrows the a-c joint causing impingement among other things.

So my advice would be to start doing some exercises that focus on the scapula such as protraction/retraction, elevation/depression, upward/downward rotation, etc. Im not saying that you’re problem stems from this, but it’s cheaper than an MRI.

Also, I don’t now if you’ve read Eric Cressey’s “Shoulder Savers” articles, but they are good reads and may help you out. Hopefully that helps