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Shoulder Injury Weeks Before Meet. Adjust Training or Rest?


My left shoulder must have gotten injured someway on 3/24, I took the next week off from any pressing actions and skipped out on squatting that week as well. the following week I was able to bench and work up to my by 3 without any crazy problems besides the unracking and facepulls. I have a competition a the end of April and I was just planning on doing the main lifts and really light accessory work until then. should I keep on the path I have chosen or should I take more time off?


Does this test hurt bad?
Arm straight out in front with thumb down, pinkie up and resist someone gently applying downward pressure while you resist?


Does it hurt when you bench? If you are seriously injured then you might want to skip the meet, unless you were planning on setting an all time world record or something like that.


Hard to say without knowing more about what happened.


@John_Henry No pain
@chris_ottawa Only on the unracking does it hurt. the benching itself feels off but not in a painful way
@MarkKO I am not 100% sure, but I believe that it’s from an awkward catch on a power clean


Maybe there is something wrong with how you are unracking the bar. You need to keep your shoulder blades together at all times, if you set the hooks too high then you won’t be able to maintain that position.

Maybe you should drop the power cleans if they are causing injuries, especially since they aren’t a competition lift.


I have dropped them for this month, I was injured 2 weeks prior, last week was my deload week so I started this current cycle doing the warmup, main lifts and bare minimum accessory work falling right into the comp.


Step one is finding out what you did to yourself. That’ll tell you what to do to fix it.


Do you depress the shoulder blades as well as protract them (especially while unracking)?