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Shoulder Injury... Tips on Training


Hi. Hurt my right shoulder 2 months ago. Was at the doctor yesterday for the second time. He told me it is a partial tendon tear and i shouldnt train or lift with that shoulder, and Im going to see a specialist in a couple of weeks..

Im going to continue training legs and wondering if you think it is okey to continue training with my left side of my upperbody or if there will be imbalances that might hurt my back or some other part of my body if I do that..

Was thinking about doing One-arm dumbbell clean and press with my left arm, do you think its a good idea?


What you really should do, is to go back to basic!
You've probably over trained ur shoulder, with stupid classic-bodybuilder exercises and techniques (no offence u BB's) - but this way of lifting or should I say, pumping weights, aren't a effecient and healthy way of lifting weights.
Keep out of bench press, shoulder presses and exercise like that, be sure to focus on your scapula retraction and shoulder health to start with, then later on - you've to learn proper technique in BP or else, you will just mess up ur shoulder again.
Make sure you've enough mobility and strengthen those rotator cuffs.

Don't do as the rest of the gym ! :slight_smile:

Yours in performance,


Before jumping to conclusions like 1st post Kennet Waale up there who thinks that the only way you can get injured is by doing bodypart splits... I'd like to ask how you hurt your shoulder. I love the idea of continuing to train your legs and that you would even consider doing single arm work (especially one arm dumbbell cleans). Sounds like you know what you are doing for the most part, but how did you injure it in the first place?


Hurt my left shoulder a few years ago and trained only my right side for about 2 months. No issues with imbalances.


GTFO Troll! And seriously never post on this site again. This shit doesn't belong in the I and R forum. Go get your shits and giggles over in the GAL forum.


Was doing partial benchpress from pins in a powercage... Felt realy strong that day and piled on a lot of weight and then i just felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder.


In a similar situation - any suggestions for how to prevent losing (upper body) muscle mass when injured? Had surgery for my shoulder dislocation recently, won't be able to do proper bench/dips/arm raises for the next couple months at least. Probably shouldn't be doing rows, curls, etc for a while either.

Was at a good place physically, but since I've had to stop lifting in the last month I've seen significant muscle atrophy already.

Have begun doing Tabata intervals on a stationary bike a few times a week.

Goals are just to prevent atrophy and to stay in shape/keep the BF low.

Would love some input - thoughts?


Hi guys

The main poster here (Grasman) - did u find that you had aches and pains on the shoulder in the morning when you dlept on it ?

Cheers dude



have you looked into surgery for your shoulder injury?

i had a distal biceps tendon rupture (it was a total tear) several months ago. I was talking to my orthopedic surgeon and asked him about partial tears, and he says surgery can be the best bet for these in many cases as the tendon many times does not heal back properly with a partial tear and can get worse in time. I guess it depends too on the severity of the tear