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Shoulder Injury Question

I was benching 2 days ago and was going for a new rep max with 225 and when I finished I stood up and felt not really a pain but a soreness in my shoulder/trap collar bone area. Now its over 2 days and my shoulder hurts a little bit but most of the pain is in the collar bone, that little bone that sticks up right before the shoulder. Has anyone experienced this or know what it could be? I have been icing it and don’t want to go to the doctor just yet because I can rotate is easily with very little pain.

I’m not sure what spot you mean exactly by the bone that sticks up before the shoulder. Is this the one that curves up over the joint? If the soreness is just under that bone around the front area of the shoulder it would make it sound a lot like a shoulder impingement. That’s an inflammation of the tendons in the space between the shoulder and the acromion (the piece of bone on the shoulder blade that juts over the joint).

It’s very common from lifting and can be agitated from not having enough pulling exercises and rotator cuff work to balance the benching. It builds over time but can be felt suddenly once the inflammation becomes too much and rubs on the bone.

Now I cannot stress this enough, I am not a doctor! I’m just a guy sitting on his couch who had something similar once so don’t treat my advice like a diagnosis, just as a direction to look. Do a search on impingement and see if it sounds similar to what you’re experiencing. Search this website or google and you’ll find a plethora of info that will help you figure out what it is and how to best handle it.

Its your AC joint. The little bump that sticks up is the acromion process coming off your scapula. The reason the pain comes up your collar bone is the joint is your acromion and clavicle coming together. Stop benching and overhead pressing immediately and see your doctor. Its such a common problem in young lifters that its actually called “weight lifters shoulder”. It can be distal clavicle osteolysis or just ac joint arthritis, either way get it checked out! I have been suffering from this for 10 months, and am slated for surgery to hopefully fix the problem.