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Shoulder Injury Question


Question here:

When doing incline presses, or military presses I seem to have a bit of a shoulder constriction. Nothing painful but I can feel my shoulder "bump" or rub as it rolls through the range of motion. Like I said it isn't painful but it doesn't exactly make me feel great either especially if I am going to do heavy loads. So my question is multi faceted.

1.) I assume this means my rotator cuff(s) are weak or that I have an imbalance between chest / back strength. Is that correct?

2.) Any specialists in eastern indiana, western ohio that I might be able to book an appointment with?

3.) Any idea on stretching or anything that I should be more focused on to help reduce this problem? ie: retayloring of the workout etcetera?

Thanks for the help guys,


Just a little update. I experimented with push presses tonight. No shoulder pain going over my head. I think if I keep my hands closer together ie: closer than shoulder width and try to do a incline or over head movement then it is "dragging" for lack of a better word. When farther apart, well that doesn't seem to happen.

I'll be glad to hear any information anyone has.


Possibly a strength imbalance, possibly a lack of range. Possibly any number of things.

If it's mainly front shoulder tightness (which is very common), lots of stretching before and after pushing movements will help.

Also, as you said, rotator movements are good and ensuring your pulling strength is fairly equal to your pushing strength will all help as well.