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Shoulder Injury Question

I am probably going to go to my ortho, but just wanted to see if anyone has ever had this experience. A little background: I’ve dislocated my right twice, but haven’t in 3 years and have done lots of scap pushups, internal and external rotations, band work, etc. My shoulder and rotator cuff have never been this strong.

I played racquetball about 8 days ago, and hadn’t in probably 2 years. After the first game I could feel my right shoulder really getting sore. I should have quit there but I played one more game cuz I felt bad leaving after one (stupid I know).

Anyways, I wake up the next morning and can barely lift my arm. It hurts quite a bit. This was Wednesday morning last week. So I did legs that day and took it easy.

On Saturday I did some deadlifts, and DB rows and pushups. I had a little discomfort but really not too bad.

I did shoulders on Monday and barely felt any discomfort, even hit a PR. This surprised me, as I thought my shoulder might give me some issue and if it would have I would have backed off.

Tuesday, legs and and SLDLs… not really any discomfort.

Yesterday, ugh. I warmed up with the bar on the bench press and did about 50 reps; felt fine. I then moved onto my DB warmups on a bench. My workout usually goes like this: 70x10 100x10, 110x10, 120x6 (that is what I squeezed out last time, trying to work up to 10 on this). So I did 70x10 and I felt some pressure on my shoulder; nothing bad, but I was a little apprehensive to kick it up to 100.

I picked up the 90s, and on my first rep towards the bottom (I don’t go past 90 degrees as I’ve had shoulder issues in the past and my ortho said to avoid it. I also do these on the floor so I couldn’t even go past 90 degrees if I wanted to) I felt a great deal of pressure, and it hurt a decent amount.

I stopped right there, as I know if something hurts, don’t do it. I skipped chest the rest of the day and did back. The only exercises that hurt are any form of benching when there is TOO MUCH weight, and also I can’t do pull ups from a dead hang, and can’t go down all of the way.

I’m not really sure what the problem is. Doesn’t benching put a lot of pressure on the anterior capsule? Maybe I tore something? Anyone ever have this problem?

I am going to take it easy for the next week, and not do anything to aggravate it. The strange thing that I can’t understand is that I am fine, so long as I don’t do too much weight. I have heard about people that can’t do any weight without pain. Maybe I have just partially injured it and should be extra careful, and start out light. God injuries suck.

[quote]markdp wrote: Maybe I have just partially injured it and should be extra careful, and start out light. God injuries suck.

Start out light? I think you need to back off completely before you piss it off even more. Get to a professional and avoid re-occurence.

Appointment has been made. God damn HMOs, have to see primary care first… ugh.

You should’ve went to see an ortho as soon as you dislocated it. I’ve had both my shoulders operated on with the last one in Dec. When I started lifting again last summer my labrum was screwed so I really focused on my legs while doing whatever work I could on my upper half.

My legs got really strong and I could bench OK but I couldn’t do incline, military, lat pulldown, etc. In Nov I made an appt to find what exactly was wrong. Turned out my labrum was torn badly and I had to make the decision to stop lifting and have the surgery (which I didn’t want to do) or not have it and continue half assing my workouts.

So I went ahead with the operation which turned out to be smartest move I could’ve made. Now my shoulder is nearly 100% healthy and I’m lifting more weight than ever. Lifting through injuries is awfull and plain stupid. You’re injured, take care of it so you can get back to training properly.

You’ll thank yourself later.

OP i foresee a bankhart leasion repair in your future. They suck, I’ve have one, along with a rotator interval closure, and anterior casular shift. Enjoy the perks.

Yup, bankhart repair is what I had. Labrum being reattached. I’m surprised no one had you take an MRI after your first dislocation. The 2nd could’ve been avoided is what I’m saying.