Shoulder Injury: Please Diagnose Me

Hello all,

Here’s what happened: I was doing DB Bench Press 10 days ago and was trying to bring the two dumbbells together over my head when my right arm went behind me and I dropped the dumbbells. It wasn’t outright agony but I remember feeling some momentary pain and hearing a faint, discomfiting sound coming from inside my right shoulder. After it happened I continued my workout, doing flyes before moving on to bicep exercises.

Since then I have continued working out but I’m definitely feeling some discomfort. In particular, I feel discomfort in my right shoulder when

  • I bend over and pick up a barbell with my right hand
  • I take my top off (not when I do so by pulling it off by the collar but when I do so by overlapping my arms and pulling my top off of by the bottom)
  • I stretch my right tricep overhead (but, oddly enough, not when I do the standard shoulder stretch)
  • I do pull downs
  • I do front squats with a cross-armed grip, to the extent that it’s the only exercise I’ve had to stop doing since the injury

I’m worried it could be a tear in my rotator cuff but, after reading the Wikipedia page on rotator cuff injuries, it sounds like I would have a lot less strength/range of motion, and a lot more pain, in my shoulder if that was the case.

I’m going on holiday for 6 weeks in a few days so will be away from the gym for at least 6 weeks. If it is a rotator cuff injury - and, if it is, I can’t imagine it’s the most severe type of rotator cuff injury, otherwise my symptoms would presumably be worse than they are - would you assume my shoulder to be as good as new after 6 weeks rest?

TBH, there’s not much I can do about it while I’m away on holiday apart from do some basic stetches, so I guess what I’m looking for from you guys is some reassurance that everything’s going to be OK :slight_smile: In particular, I’d love to hear from anyone who’s injured their shoulder in a similar way or anyone who has been formally diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury in the past.

After doing some further reading I’m starting to think I may be suffering from Shoulder Subluxation, i.e. a partially dislocated shoulder.

I was trying out some of the stretches found on this link:

and I found that when I did the external shoulder rotation (figure 7) I heard a kind what I can only describe a a kind of high-pitched grinding noise coming from inside my shoulder. And when I tried putting my right hand behind my back (figure 8) I found I could only bring it half as high as my left hand, which can almost touch my neck.

Will my right shoulder’s stability and range of motion be permanently compromised if I don’t embark on an active recovery program and, instead, simply leave it alone for 6 weeks?