Shoulder Injury (No Lifting) Diet Question

orthapedic told me to not lift for two weeks atleast and gave me some meds.
this week was suppose to be my deload week on 5/3/1
should i skip my deload week?
also for my diet i have been losing 2 lbs a week for about 2 months now, if i wont be lifting for two weeks should i eat at maintainence for these two weeks? or keep the deficit and up the cardio?
goal is to get to 12% bf

What is the shoulder injury?

not sure yet
have to bring swelling down to get an mri i guess, so doctor put me on on alleve, corticosteroids.
im thinking its some kind of tendonitis.

So you saw the doctor and he didn’t even give you a possible diagnosis? What did he/she do to test your shoulder?

What did you do to initially injure it? Where specifically does it hurt? What causes pain?

i have always had trouble with my shoulder, since i was about 15. It never hurt but was always bothered by it, kind of felt like it was going to pop out. Last week while i was putting on my jacket, i pulled my arm to far back and it felt like i pulled something, it really hurt. I would move my arm around and i could feel a tendon jumping around.

So i went to the Orthopedic took some x rays and said nothing was fractured. He moved my arm around and asked me if certain movements hurt. The one that hurt was the movement that’s similar to when a cop grabs you by the elbow and pulls the forearm back. He gave me the medicine for the pain and inflammation. I have to go back in two weeks and he told me to rest and put a heating pad on it.