Shoulder Injury, Incline Hurts

I hurt my shoulder like 6 months ago and it still hurts. I’m deployed and i only have 2 weeks left before i hit the states again so the doctors here didn’t want to do anything for me but give me NSAID. I suspect it is minor ac separation like maybe stage 1 but im not sure. I used to be able to bb incline as long as i flat bb benched first and got my shoulder warmed up, but now it kind of hurts regardless and the next day it will feel like shit. The hammer strength machine ached a little bit so im not sure if im going to try that one out for a while.

I was really trying to bring out the top of my chest a little more so i had incline in both of my chest workouts each week. Does anybody have any suggestions for other movements i could do? I know i could decline and stuff but like i said i really want to try and bring out my upper chest more.

Do you guys think grabbing a bench and doing a really low incline(30degrees or less) with the dumbbells or smith machine would be effective for hitting the same muscles?