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Shoulder Injury in Remote Area

Dear All,
first of all is great to be here, this is imy first post, hopefully of many.

so, i’m almost 35 years old, and i live in a remote area in a national park in Tanzania-Africa, where i work in conservation-antipoaching.

I have been training on/off for the past 15 years ad overall in good shape.

Stopped working out due to work schedules for about a month and started back one week ago.

I have very limited equipment where i am so i have to make due with what i have.

the day before yesterday i was in the middle of my push routine - Dumbell over the shoulder squats, dumbell flies/press on fitness ball, skullcrushers - and right after the workout i felt a sharp pain at the upper tip/posterior part of my left shoulder.

Didnt feel any pain during the exercises just immediately right after.

I went home and applied ice, the next morning i just felt kind of a dumb feeling on my left shoulder overall. Nothing during the day and in the evening again sharp pain but only when i raise my left arm with the palms facing my face. is a sharp pain like tension but very sharp, at the upper tip of the shoulder and in the back of the shoulder but hard to pinpoint.

The pain is only when i move the arm in this particular way.

Today , day 3, and in the morning i feel the same dull sensation.also I hear clicking sounds when I do shrug like movement…

I cant really see a doctor until March when my work tour ends (i work 3 months on 1 off).

Any ideas? should i stop completely working out? Thanks so much in advance!