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Shoulder Injury (IGHL) Help?

Hello Guys ,
I have unfortunately suffered an Inferior Glenohumeral Ligament Tear (IGHL)around 1 months ago. I am 2 years into training seriously as a bodybuilder and am still learning. I have not been able to find on here or on the internet any information on athletes who have suffered this frustrating and confidence knocking injury.

I was wondering if anyone out there has suffered this injury or a similar injury and is able to share their experience i would be most grateful.

I have had an MRI scan and this has been diagnosed as the cause and am also on a rehab training program. However the doctor and rehab trainer aren’t bodybuilders!
So they have no real idea about how my diet, regular training program , healing time etc should be affecting my routine as a bodybuilder.

I also am after maintaining muscle mass also which again is a shady area for myself.
I would be exceptionally grateful for anyone’s input into this matter as being injured has brought on a depressive wave .

Kind Regards
Simon Ridge


I’m a radiologist technician in formation, I’ll take my degree in late 2011. I’ve doing very little RM at university, this year we did mostly TC scans so I can’t help about the pure imaging (will do next year hehe).

What I can tell you is: find immediately a good chiropractic (a very very VERY good osteopath could work too but I’d like more a chiropractic), if he/she is good you can make an effective customized workout for you.

Best wishes!

I’m guessing this occurred after an episode of instability/dislocation. You should make your goals clear to your Dr and rehab therapist and perhaps seek other opinions if they don’t understand your priorities. If rehab is not enough to avoid further episodes of instability surgery may be required to “tighten” your shoulder.