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Shoulder Injury Help

During the second to the last game of my (for fun) tackle football league I was playing on the o-line and I blocked a guy who was trying to get by me on the left, I felt some pain in my left shoulder. Well I gave it a break for about 4 days and then hit the gym. I did some heavy bench press and that made it worse (duh). Okay so during my last game of the season (three days later) I felt a weird pull in my shoulder which pretty much told me it was done. Well I kept playing because we had nobody to take my spot in the game.

Okay so now my shoulder really hurts when I try to lift up past chest level. It also hurts to the touch when I press on the shoulder joint. It’s been a week and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Should I go to doctor or just let it heal? I don’t see the doctor doing anything other then making me wear a sling. It basically only hurts if I try to lift up laterally past my chest or when I try to reach across my body with it.

Have any of you experienced this type of injury?

Go to the doctor, get a MRI and see exactly what happened. If you don’t take care, it can only get worse, trust me.