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Shoulder Injury from Playing Squash

Hi TN!

I have been reading articles for a long time here and today i feel like its time to post a picture about an injury i’ve got playing squash 2 weeks ago:

The first hit i made gave me a “sqeezing” pain in the back right here (picture)… Since then i get massive pain the area if i load the shoulder to much or get an awkward position.

When ill press the bone with 2 fingers from above it feels really sore / inflammation like - what do you guys think i should do? Doctor will for sure say give it 1-3 months when ill go there in next week.

Im doing a 2-splitprogram training 4-5 times a week and have been doing for 6 months without any problems…

Can avoid exercises that doesn’t hurt my shoulder at all?

Thanks and best regards!!