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Shoulder Injury From Benching

Shoulder made squishing noises while benching, the bar fell and I felt instant pain. What did I do?

Last night I messed up my shoulder somehow. I was on my way up on the bench. I warmed up like usual. On one of the reps my shoulder made this squishing, popping sound and the bar dropped. My shoulder ached immediately and is very painful to move it today. I have about 30 degress ROM If I do front raise and about 35- 40 if its lateral. When it made the squishing, popping sound it got looser and looser.

It still feels loose today. It aches like I jammed it or like when you go to the chiro and he pops it in and it aches afterward. I know this inst a lot of info but does anyone have any ideas?

Go to the Dr.

I plan on it but the earliest I can get in is Monday. I was looking to see if anyone has experienced anything similiar and what damge was done to their shoulder.

Go to doc see whats wrong take rehab serious. and work on your back and laearn how to keep back ultra tight in pressing it will save the shoulde as well keep up rehab after for prehab.

I take good care of my shoulders and and warm up properly. My form and technique are not in question, but you never know. I’m trying to decide what caused the injury.

Up until last week I had been pushing my overhead hard and had been setting pr’s for a few weeks but my shoulder never bothered me until the bench last night. I just need to make sure I can deadlift this spring pain free and Im good.