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Shoulder Injury Football Player Needs Advise

The injury is on my son. He is a 20 year old '6 1" 255 college football player and he injured himself recently while maxing on bench.

After a year off from heavy training do to a knee injury he started lifting and training heavy right around Thanksgiving to start getting ready for spring football. His lifts went from 165 lbs max to a 250 lb max in mid January. Prior to this his max bench was 285 lbs. He had weight trained heavy while in high school but after a broken shoulder blade in high school he lost quite a bit of weight on all his lifts, and his knee injury last fall in his college freshman year pretty much stopped his weight training.

Last week he was maxing and put up 250 lb pretty easy. So he increased it to 265 lbs and failed. While lifting this he said he felt something in his left shoulder. He originally thought the pain he felt was in the rotatore cup. However, after resting for three days he did several reps at 135 lbs and said he feels some pain on the top of his shoulder blade about in the middle between his neck and the end of the shoulder.

Have any of you experienced anything like this in your lifting? I’ve read so many useful posts I’m hoping you guys can help “diagnos” the problem. I’m still pretty new to lifting so I’ve been getting all of my training from him and I cant help him with this injury. Unfortunately, he’s a lot like his old man and can be pretty pig headed at times and I don’t want him to power through this injury if its going to cause any more damage or lost lifting time.

As it is his injury last year cost him a trip to the sugar bowl. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, but it’s hard enough to diagnose in person, let alone over the internet.

I worked as an athletic trainer-ATC at a small college, and as your son is a college football player, I would highly recommend that he is seen by his ATC. I used to eval many an injured shoulder during weight training in the off season.

They ran the gamut of AC joint problems, RC impingement syndromes, to labral tears. Labral tears will need to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon, as may the other issues.

Good luck

Under the body repair section on the 3rd page of articles read ‘shoulder savers’. Shows the correct way to bench.

[quote]ecogenx wrote:
Under the body repair section on the 3rd page of articles read ‘shoulder savers’. Shows the correct way to bench.[/quote]