Shoulder Injury During Cycle

ive been using during the last 2 wks
25mgs of dbol ed
900 mgs cypionate(600mgs frontloaded).
my plan was to continue these dosages during this week (wk 3)

i have planned
wks 4-8 tren at 400mgs/week
wks 4-8 cyp at 300mgs/wk
wks 6-8 winny at 50mg ed
nolva & clomid for pct

i separated my shoulder on monday and now ive been out of the gym for two days. i hope to be back next week but it is difficult to say. should i stop and begin a pct program until my injury settles? should i stick to my plan and just rest and treat my injury? any suggestions are appreciated.

That was my worse nightmare when I was juicin.

How bad of a separation?

Did they X-ray the joint?

What movements hurt?

You should be able to do legs, albeit no squats or deadlifts. You could do leg press, ext/curls, GHRs, seated calves.

Any exercise that does not distract the AC joint or cause downward pressure over the acromion should be ok.

Provide more info and I can give you further advice if needed.

Take care,


Dr.Ryan i have a similar problem. I had tendonitis in the long head of Myleft Biceps and had undergone accupuncture and saom physio treatment for about a month and have recovered almost completely but still after my workouts i find it slightly painful around my elbow thought not exactly my bui’s.

During my therapy i was diagnosed with some degree of strain on my Wrist Flexors due to my ignoring the tendon shea on my bi’s.I still find the necessity to ice it sometime after my workouts.Is there any way i can overcome this pain,it aint o bad but still requires massging the wrist flexors for relief.I still haven’t got back to reppin my bi’s as hevy as i used to prior to the tear.

Also would like to kno if anykinda gear could help.Tis been about 2 months since therapy was over and am not hapy with the size of my Biceps.

thanks dr ryan

i did not get xrays. ive had this happen before, a couple of times to this shoulder but not in the past 3-4 years. this was a pretty bad one though. it did not dislocate but did “slide out” in a posterior and superior separation.

any rotation hurts. laterally i can reach 90 degrees w/out pain. i have full range in anterior and posterior with just soreness, no pain.

my other shoulder has been reconstructed so ive become familiar with the injury. if i recall i believe i can be back in the gym in a couple of weeks. that also maybe wishful thinking.

ive been icing it a lot. ive received electrical stim and ultra sound treatments twice this week and i am scheduled for more. i also get massage from a girlfriend. there has been much improvement in just 4 days.

i would appreciate your insight wherever youre comfortable in the areas of workouts, physical treatment, and my cycle. thanks a million.