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Shoulder Injury, Consulting DR

In September i was sparring and my shoulder felt like it slid around inside the socket. I shook it off until it happened a few more times then i decided to see a physical therapist. He told me i stretched my labrum and pointed me in the direction of workouts to strengthen my shoulder. I thought it was done until it started happening again recently with greater frequency. (twice this week!)

Anyways ive decided i need to get this taken care of and i dont have 4-6 months to take off from lifting and training. Im going to see my orthopedic Dr. tomorrow and plan on asking him to run nandrolone decanoate (deca) with me since i have read it helps to lube and strengthen joints and connective tissues. The increase in recovery time will also help since i kickbox 5-6 times a week.

Do you think nandrolone will help me?
give any feedback that will help (i already know all about progesterone*)

Yes the nandrolone does wonders for the joints. Just don’t get the “bright idea” to stack winny in the same cycle.I would also run a dosage of test e in cycle.This will help the old cock and balls during your recovery and or pct. Ex.500mg test e/week to 250mg decca e/week. It’s hard to beat this ol bread and butter stack.I just roughed in the edges some bro.I hope this will help you out some.Also make sure the delts are evenly worked during your workouts.side rear frontal etc.


I had the exact same shoulder injury about a month ago (and again last week) from playing basketball. I’ll be following the workouts in this article…


thanks for the info guys, i liked the article and will do those excersises. Bisc about your deca/test idea, it seems like a very small about of deca in relation to the test, am i right? Hopefully the dr. will agree with me since he will be prescribing this all to me. I was thinking maybe 400mg deca for 6-8 weeks then weeks 6-12 test so that i wont have a progesterone problem also running nolva(im not too confident the dr. will agree with all this though)

Yeh, I’m pretty sure (100%) that the doctor is going to tell you to take time off, let it heal,etc.

Unless you live somewhere outside the U.S.,no doctor is going to prescribe steroids for rehab of a muscle injury.

It’s hard enough getting them to prescribe for low testosterone.


Conclusion is that my socket is pretty big so thats whats giving me unwated play. No nandrolone for me, just shoulder strengthening.