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Shoulder Injury: Bankarts Lesion Advice

Hi there,

i dont know where to post my question, but strength sports fits well:
playing american football, i got injured and the doc diagnosed a Bankart´s lesion(shoulder) that needs to be operated. now my question:
has anyone ever encountered such an injury and can tell me, if its necessesary to operate it immediately?

i play in germany and we are in the middle of the season. i dont know wheter to get operated now or if i can wait until september, when the seasons end, and keep on playing with pain?

In my experience, every athlete with a Bankart ended up having surgery or a junk shoulder. There are very few cases where surgery is not need. It doesn’t have to be right away, but unfortunately it may be inevitable.

thats what the doctor told me to, my question is, if i am going to fuck up my shoulder even more if i take some hits