Shoulder Injury and Bruising

The last two times I have done bench work I have attempted to go a little heavier for 5x6 reps. In the last set I have felt a pain in my shoulder…located it seems in between the anterior and medial head insetion area. The first time the shoulder was sore for a couple of days and then seemed fine. The last workout (5 days ago) the shoulder was sore a little longer but it seemed fine to do a light shoulder workout 2 days ago. This morning while taking a shower I noticed that I have some bruising on the shoulder…this has never happend to me before in the 20 years I have been lifting. It feels okay (90%) but am a little concerned about this bruising…any input would be much appreciated.

diagnosed…partial tear in the anterior deltoid…LOVELY!!!

What kind of doc did the diagnosis? What’s the treatment? What’d they say about rehab/lifting?