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Shoulder Injury Advice.


Hi all, although my profile is new I have been reading T nation for about a year now. I have been working out for about the same time so I thought as a newbie I would post my question in the beginner section although I suppose strictly speaking, it not really a �??beginners�?? question as this type of thing can happen to anyone but possibly came about due to my inexperience with correct lifting techniques.

Anyway, I was training about a month ago and my shoulder started to hurt, it wasn�??t a sharp �??ouch, what the hell just happened!�?? pain but it came on gradually during a training session. It�??s an anterior deltoid (or that general area) pain that come on whenever I do any pushing exercises. Also, if I raise my arm in front of me, at the point my arm becomes parallel to the floor I can feel the pain ever so slightly, even when I�??m not lifting. As I said, it doesn�??t stop me from lifting (its not that painful) but it is something that�??s getting gradually worst. I am starting to get really frustrated as I am making such good progress that I feel that I need to get this problem sorted out before it stops me training all-together.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Start PREHAB shoulder work NOW and dont stop. External rotations, shoulder horns, face pulls etc. read Eric Cressey and Mike Robertsons Shoulder savers articles.

Get a hand of EVERYTIME you bench this alone will save your shoulders a ton.

Are you rowing doing lots of pulls??

Dont always go heavy rep some light weight out as well let those shoulder joints, tendons and muscles catch up




Scroll down to the 5th post.


Ok, I will do definitely do that. I went to my doc and he said it was a sports injury he would not refer me to a specialist, so basically if I want to see a physiotherapist I will have to pay for it myself, and to be totally honest I just cant afford £45 per hour.

I always tend to go for maximum weight and max efforts, on reflection this is probably a mistake as I am not giving my shoulders a chance to rest. (Currently working with a three day split routine)

Thanks for the advice.