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Shoulder injuries

How’s it going out there? I’ve read post re Nate Dogg’s injuries and the glucosamine recommendations and am going to start to use this.I was wondering if there are any UK readers out there who know any active release therapists or any deep tissue massage therapists in the Leeds/Yorkshire area of the UK?
I’ve got a pulled front delt tendon from benching, and an old rear delt tendonitus problem which has resurfaced due to some crappy form on rows a couple of months back.They are only slight at the moment(1 months rest-no upper body training) but obviously want them sorted so don’t do any permament damage before I train again.
Seen a PT who uses ultra-sound and TENS which seems to help.
Finally any ideas on how to preserve muscle whilst resting?Using gear is a last resort, so was wondering if Methoxy 7 might be good.

I’ve got an absolutely brilliant deep tissue guy in Swindon. I’ll email him and ask him if he can refer a colleague in West Yorkshire. I’ll post the info or pass it via the moderator as soon as I get it. Moderator - which way to do this please?


What kind of injuryies does your guy in swindon treat? Is it just to recuperate from workouts faster or what?

Thanks for your help Phil, that’d be sound.Stu

Reg - my guy in Swindon treats all sorts of soft tissue injuries. I first met him when looking for treatment for a badly ruptured tricep. He’s been able to deal with loads of things for me. One of my long term problems a couple of years ago was that my lats wouldn’t respond to training. Russell was able to discover that my lats were “switched off” - the nerve impulses basically weren’t getting through properly, probably as a result of many years of prior mistreatment. With “trigger point” manipulation, my lats are now firing big time.

If you have a sketetal problem, Russ works hand in hand with an Osteopath/Osteomyologist (sp?). In short, it's worth seeing someone like him just to see what problems you may have accululated after years of training. I see him regularly (every two weeks) just to make sure that everything is working properly after balls to the wall training sessions. There's always something that needs sorting.

PS I’m not on commission!!!