Shoulder Inflammation, How to Stay Fit?

I expect to drop 800lbs in my lifts

Some info = a year ago I started getting inflammations after some strange pulled I did, however I did not know I had inflammation.
So a year later fighting the doctors I got a MRI or and it shows inflammations behind my shoulder shoulder blade.

Am seeing the doctor today and I have google worst case scenarios for me = rest with regular anti inflammation for 3 months no heavy lifting so all my 3 big lifts will suffer hard! Keep in mind am drug free donâ??t even take a POW. Two I get cortisone injection this will destroy the tissue and I have to rehab the shoulder up to date and then start building up again. Last is that they do in to the shoulder and remove some kind of â??bubbleâ?? helps the ligaments they often get inflammations.

I know am fucked anyways and am going to have to become a marathon runner to stay lean or lol donâ??t even know since I problem lose all my hard worked gains.
Any how I can minimizing losing all my hard work?

Anyone with same kind of issue that worked around it? Like doing squats with no hands or deadlift with one arm?

Any help of feedback would be nice! Thanks from Sweden!

Just rest, you will make it worse if you keep lifting
Training with an inflammation may lead to weakening of the tendon and the tendon may tear